On this page is a list of all of the equipment that Talks About Tech uses.



Samson Q2U

Known as the Audio Technica ATR2100 in the US this is a fantastic cardiod dynamic microphone at an extremely affordable price. The Samson Q2U is rapidly becoming podcasters choice of microphone because of it’s dynamic microphone feature, great sound and affordable price. I highly recommend this microphone for anyone looking for a great sounding dynamic microphone.

Behringer C1

The C1 is a side addressed condensor microphone. While this microphone isn’t ideal for podcasting because it is a condensor microphone I used this microphone for about a year and it gives great sound quality. I would recommend this microphone in a sound dampened studio as it has a very clear and accurate sound to the true sound of an instrument or voice and is very affordable. I use this microphone now for guests on my show or for micing a guitar amplifier or drums.


Behringer Xenyx X2442USB

This is my main mixer that I use in the studio. It has great features for podcasters such as USB output for input into a computer and 16 channels and 10 XLR input channels. The X2442 USB also has four AUX outputs (very important for skype guests), four subgroups and insert jacks for dynamics processors.


Bose AE2 headphones

I have had these headphones for nearly a year now and I love them. I wear headphones a lot when I’m producing a podcast or editing one so it’s important that I have headphone’s that sound great and that are extremely comfortable while cutting out background noise. The AE2’s tick all the boxes. They feature memory foam ear cups which reduce fatigue on the ear over long periods of time.

Mac Speakers (from the 90’s no longer available)

These speakers may be older than me but it doesn’t mean they don’t sound good. I many cases I believe that the old analogue gear sounds better than the modern digital gear. These speakers are small and compact but pack a huge punch when it comes to sound. The sound is clear and they are great for audio editing as they reproduce every flaw in the audio. Unfortunately these speakers are no longer available but Apple got it right when they made them. One seriously over engineered product!

Sony MDR-XD100 headphones

When I started Talks About Tech in 2011 I decided to buy a set of over the ear headphones and I chose these. The MDR-XD100’s are very affordable and produce great sound although admittingly do lack in comfort slightly but overall are a great set of headphones.

Behringer HA400 Headphone Amp

This is a mini headphone preamp that works great if you have multiple people in studio. It has four headphone outputs and the volume of each output can be manually adjusted to the persons liking.



Microsoft Lifecam HD3000 (HD)

This is my main camera. I picked this webcam up in a shop as webcam just to do for a short period of time as my other webcam broke and I have been using it since. I brought it home and plugged it in and the image looked great so I decided to keep it. Great little webcam with 720p functionality at a great price.

Microsoft Lifecam Cinema (HD)

I used the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema for a long time with no issues. It is a great webcam with amazing video quality for a great price. However, when I moved over to my new computer the video kept on going out of sync with the audio and I simply could not fix it. I never had any other issues with the camera. It’s a shame as it’s a really great webcam.

HP Webcam 3110 (HD)

This is the first HD webcam I ever bought and it’s great! When using manual controls you can get great frame rates and great video quality. It’s a great webcam overall at a really affordable price.

Logitech 250 (SD)

This is the first webcam I ever bought. Although it was standard definition it provided great frame rates as it was a low USB bandwidth device. I think I got it for $10 which is a great price. Good luck trying to find one now though. I bought it in 2009.


Custom built PC

This computer is my main video and audio production computer. It has a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 3770 CPU with an Nvidea Geforce GTX 660 graphics card which is great for gaming! I built this machine during Christmas 2012 and it has been such a help to me in editing my video and audio faster and just helping to increase my workflow speed in general. I highly recommend you built your own computer. You can pick the exact parts you want yourself and it’s very rewarding when you get a working computer out of it in the end.

 Video Mixing software

Open Broadcaster Software

I was looking for free video switching software and I came across Open Broadcaster Software. OBS is not only free but is completely open source and wow! it has completely changed my production quality and value. This software is just incredible! Up to that point I had been using Xsplit broadcaster (which I continue to use) for my streaming and recording of my shows. The problem that I had was that Xsplit is very CPU intensive and my computer couldn’t hack it.

OBS is very similar to Xsplit but in many aspects it has more features than Xsplit and in some aspects it has fewer features than Xsplit. However, the biggest feature of OBS is how few CPU cycles it takes. As a result, I have been able to record my podcasts at much higher bitrates and at 720p HD.

Xsplit broadcaster

Xsplit is a great piece of software for windows that allows you to switch up to 12 scenes with different cameras, videos, photos and more. Xsplit also has built in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for high quality live streaming and local recording. I love xsplit. It has so many great features and there is a version of Xsplit for everyone with prices started from as low as $15 for a three month license.

Ustream Producer

I don’t use ustream producer for much but it has a great feature called Desktop Presenter. Desktop presenter can be installed on any Mac, Windows or Linux computer and it will stream a screen capture of your computer screen over the local area network. This allows me to show you my laptop screen and bring in skype calls from lots of different computers. I use the Game Capture feature of Xsplit to capture the output from Ustream Producer and bring in into my podcast recordings. Great product and it’s free!

Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Since I started using Adobe Premiere Pro it has made a huge difference to the quality of video I can put out as well as the speed in which I can do it. You will always be able to dig a bigger and better hole faster with a shovel than a spoon. Premiere Pro is like the shovel and my previous video editing software (which wasn’t really designed to be video editing software) is the spoon. I highly recommend Premiere Pro.

Adobe Audition CS6

I use Audition along with Premiere Pro. Premeiere Pro has a great feature which allows me to import the audio from a video into Adobe Audition where I can do the audio processing. Audio a very important part of my podcasts to me and Audition allows me to make my audio sound clear and punchy. Audition is just an incredible piece of software used by the pro’s. I highly recommend it!


Skype Computer – Mac Mini 2007 512MB RAM
Macbook Pro 2012 Core i7 Quad Core 4GB RAM
MacBook 2009 Core 2 Duo 2GB DDR2 RAM

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