Inside The Studio 021: Video Conferencing for Podcasters


On this episode I talk about my new server rack, video conferencing for podcasters and more.

My New Server Rack
server rackI recently made the acquisition of a 19″ server rack. I got this server rack because I havemany computers, servers and video and audio equipment. The server rack allows me to organize all of the equipment I have and put in one place. The server rack also keeps the noise down even though it is not designed as a sound proofed rack. It keeps all of the noise in one place. The studio is much more neat and tidy too because everything is in the same place.

Video Conferencing Software for Podcasting
Video and Audio conferencing or VOIP software can be a very valuable tool for podcasters but there are so many out there. Which one should you use? I’m going to do a feature comparison of many of the most popular VOIP solutions.

1. ooVoo


  • free
  • up to 12 simultaneous callers
  • cross platform
  • record calls and upload them to YouTube
  • live stream a call to your website with a chatroom
  • in-browser version
  • HD video with 1 on 1 calls


  • poor interface
  • not widely used
  • lots of ads
  • video and Audio quality are not great

2. Skype


  • up to 10 video callers with skype premium
  • cross platform
  • widely used
  • HD video
  • very high quality video and audio
  • ability to call landlines


  • not compatible with most capture cards
  • no manual control over bit rate, resolution etc…
  • no group video with free version
  • no built-in call recorder

3. Google Hangouts


  • 11 callers simultaneously
  • free
  • reliable
  • universal web interface
  • mobile apps
  • integrated with your google account
  • instant messaging just added
  • hangouts on air live streaming and upload to YouTube


  • sacrifices video quality for reliability
  • hard to integrate into a normal video podcast
  • guests have to have a google email account
  • doesn’t work with all capture cards
  • only 480p streaming hangouts on air

4. Microsoft Lync


  • lync server full control over bit rate, resolution etc…
  • high quality video and audio
  • skype integration
  • very reliable


  • Designed for large enterprise
  • Very, very costly!

What do I Use for my Podcasts
I use a 2007 Mac Mini. I run 4 instances of Skype on the Mac Mini which allows me to have 4 guests on Skype at any one time. I do not run mix minus although I should but it works great for me.

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