Inside The Studio 023: PFF Challenge Week 2


On this episode I talk about the Podcasting for Free Challenge week 2 and Logic Pro X.

PFF Challenge Week 1 Update
I have finished Week 1 and I have posted a series of five videos going into detail with all of the steps that I took to complete the challenge. You can find the videos in this blog post.

PFF Challenge Week 2
This weeks challenge is the Mac challenge. The hardware that could be used to recreate the podcast episode is a Mac Mini Desktop priced at €659, a computer monitor at €89, Mixer €99 and a webcam priced at €20.95.

For the preshow I used Google Drive just like last week.

Recording and Streaming
For switching the video for the show I used Camtwist. Camtwist is a free piece of software that allows you to create multiple buttons and switch from one to another. You can download Camtwist here.

One of the only downsides to Camtwist is the fact that it has no built-in way to record or stream. As a result you have to use third party applications to record or stream the Camtwist output. I used Adobe FMLE (Flash Media Live Encoder). FMLE is typically used for live streaming but also has a local recording feature which I am using in this case. FMLE will save the local recording as a .f4v file. I don’t live stream in this episode but if I was to I could run two instances of FMLE or use the Livestream Procaster.

Post Production
For the post production I used iMovie to edit and encode along with Audacity for processing the audio. iMovie comes with every Mac as part of Apple’s iLife software package and is one of the best free video editors.

Logic Pro X
Logic Pro is Apple’s pro audio and mixing DAW. Logic Pro 9 has been out for a few years now and just this week they released version X. There are many new features to the new software that are great for music producers.

But what about podcasters? Can podcasters use Logic Pro to edit their shows? Absolutely. And the new version adds some great features that podcasters can use.

Probably the two most popular audio editing software for podcasters are Audacity and Adobe Audition. They are both great tools. However, Logic Pro can do everything that these tools can do and more! You can record your audio podcast into Logic and edit it just like any other tool. However, you can also do multitrack recording so that you can manually edit each audio channel after recording the show. Of course you can use Logic Pro to process audio from a video podcast too and now you can export directly to Final Cut Pro from Logic which is really handy.

There are many other new features in Logic Pro X that are relevant to podcasters too. Track stacks allow you to take a number of tracks and organise them into one group. You can export directly to SoundCloud if you use them for your podcast and there is a huge new library of loops and sounds if you are creative and you want to make your own intro and jingles for your show.

And the best part. It’s available on the Mac App Store now for only €179.99. A great price for a great product and a must if you are in audio production and you use a Mac.

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