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On this episode I talk about interviewing people on your show and the Adobe Creative Suite CC applications for podcasting.

Guest Interviews on your Show
As you may know I do not often interview people on my podcasts. In fact, I have only done one interview on Inside The Studio. Why have I not done many interviews before this? A lot of it is nerves. I always get very nervous before I go live for any show and I also get very nervous when I’m interviewing people. I didn’t want to go out of my comfort zone but then I realised that if I do not go outside my comfort zone I will not move forward and progress.

I am now trying to get 1 to 2 interviews per month on Inside The Studio. I think that interviews add many things that immensely improve your podcast. Interviews add extra content and add another person’s opinion to your show especially if you are producing a mostly monologue show. Guests can also help promote your show. Chances are that your guests will tweet and promote the interview with their audience.

Premiere Pro CC
A new version of one of the most popular video editors has been out now for some time. There are many new features that really add to the capabilities of Premiere Pro:

  • Sync preferences, presets and settings to the cloud so that you can have the same settings across multiple devices.
  • Adobe Anywhere integration
  • Hi DPI preview options for retina display computers
  • Redesigned, cleaner timeline with custom track headers
  • Link Media box for relinking moved, renamed or transcoded media.
  • Duplicate frame detection
  • Closed-captioning built into premiere pro
  • Through edit options to join two clips
  • Sync multi-camera clips by audio waveform
  • You can merge audio and video clips and align by audio
  • Snapping razor tool
  • Control audio mixer from midi controller
  • VST plugins can now be used directly from premiere pro and you can use many of the effects from Audition such as my favourite multiband compressor

These features are all of the things that I thought were missing from CS6 and now it makes it a much more polished and feature rich editor.

Media Encoder CC
Media Encoder is the companion app for Premiere Pro. It encodes and transcodes audio and video files. You can create queue’s of files to be transcoded to and you can also set up an automatic ftp upload. It also has complete premiere pro compatibility that allows you to encode premiere pro projects without having to encode out of premiere pro first.

Now media encoder supports match source settings for MPEG-2 and H.264, exports closed caption information and will now encode After Effects sequences.

Audition CC
Audition is an amazing tool for mixing, editing and processing audio. In CC there are so many new features:

  • Enhanced spectral analyser audio removal tool
  • Automatic noise generator
  • Loudness meter
  • Stereo expander
  • Preview editor so preview changes before applying them
  • Multitrack Colour code tracks!
  • Multitrack merge clips of audio
  • Silence part of a clip from selection in multitrack
  • Shift+/ to zoom into one track in multitrack
  • Upload to soundcloud option
  • Windows media audio files are now supported on Windows

All of these features are amazing and make working with Audition such a better experience.

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