Inside The Studio 030: The Power of Simple Podcast Setups


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YouTube Royalty Free Music
YouTube has recently made an audio library available under creation tools on your YouTube dashboard. You can select from 150 royalty free songs and use them in your videos. Not only can you use them in your YouTube but anything that you are making that requires audio. There is no limit. You can pick from Genre, Mood, Instrument, Duration or browse the featured list.

Personally I think that this is a great resource that YouTube is making not only to YouTube content creators but also to anyone who creates content and needs some music. I think that this music would be perfect for a promo for your podcast or an introduction on your website. I wouldn’t recommend using it as your intro music each week for the podcast just because a lot of people will be using this music and it might sound generic after a while. You can go you if you want to try it out.

Wirecast 5
You may know that I am a huge fan of Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit but I like to keep up to date with all of the video switching products on the market. Wirecast 5 has just been released and it’s got some really nice new features.


One of the biggest new features is Wirecast now supports x264 encoding. Wirecast has always supported H.264 encoding but the x264 encoder works a little bit differently. It encodes much more efficiently and uses less of the CPU but there is a little bit of tweaking needed to get the right combination of CPU to quality. Both OBS and XSplit use the x264 encoder already but it’s a first for Wirecast.

If your into gaming Wirecast is adding a number of new features that might make streaming games with Wirecast more viable than before. There is now an option to delay your stream which is very important in competitive gameplay. Wirecast now has the option to capture the local computers screen at 60 fps too and it can also capture multiple windows on your local computer at the same time.

Wirecast 5 is also redesigned. The interface is now much darker and you can see the shots in all of the layers now. Telestream have also brought in the long awaited live preview program swap feature.

You can now send the program output from Wirecast directly into a blackmagic capture card which is really good if you want to feed a professional SDI monitor for example. You can now input HTTP, RTMP or RTSP streams into Wirecast too. This is great if you want to re-broadcast a live stream or send an IP camera that is not supported into Wirecast.

Even though I don’t have a Tricaster I think that this feature is the coolest feature of Wirecast 5. You can now capture from a NewTek Tricaster into Wirecast and use Wirecast to record and, or stream to multiple destinations and use it for distribution. The way it works is you can tell the Tricaster to send its output over the local area network and then you can pick that up by creating a new web stream input. Very cool!

The price for Wirecast 5 is $495 for the standard edition or $995 for the pro edition but if you have Wirecast 4 and just want to upgrade it’s $129 for the standard edition and $295 for the pro edition.

Adobe Creative Cloud Hacked
A few weeks ago Adobe’s Creative Cloud got hacked. Many accounts were hacked and information such as passwords. Adobe are recommending that you reset your password immediately.

Adobe have moved completely over to the creative cloud pricing structure. I think it’s great because I can afford it but is the cloud in general too unsafe?

The Power of Simple Podcast Setups
What is a Simple Podcast Setup? It’s one that is minimalist and free of clutter and one that is easy to work with. A simple podcast setup does not necessarily mean that it is cheap one. In fact in many cases that can be much more expensive in order to make things work better. Here are some of the pros and cons to a simple podcast setup:


  • Fewer things to go wrong

  • Easier to use

  • Easier to maintain

  • Can be more cost effective

  • Less clutter

  • More pleasant work enviroment

  • More portable

  • More efficient

  • Potentially better production values


  • Hard to do

  • Can limit what you can do

  • Can be costly at times

  • Can sometimes prevent you from doing a better broadcast

I am a firm believer in the simple podcast setup. I am constantly trying to achieve and maintain a simple podcast setup but I have not yet got there. I think that my post production workflow is very simple and effective but my studio and my layout are not very productive. It’s a working progress for me but some day I hope to reach my goal.

Using FFMPEG with Premiere Pro
For the longest time I have been looking for an effective way to use a third party media encoder with Premiere Pro. Well I’ve found one. If you are on Windows you can use a frameserver to send the edited file from Premiere Pro to another encoder such as FFMPEG. You can download one such as Advanced Frameserver or Debugmode frameserver and install the Premiere Pro plugin. It will then allow you to instantly stream to the encoder of your choice. Why would you want to do this? Adobe Media Encoder is not exactly the best encoder in the world so if you want to encode using a third party encoder you can use this without having to create temporary files on Windows. It works great. I recommend that you use advanced frameserver as I have gotten better results. You can download it at

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