Inside The Studio Episode 2 ‘Putting your Podcast on the Web’


On this episode I talk about microphone accessories and technique, how to put your podcast out to the masses and much more. Enjoy!

Microphone Accessories

Pop Filter – Prevents large amounts of wind into the microphone and prevents popping when pernouncing  p words.

Wind Shield – It is similar to a pop filter. It is a foam screen that fits onto the microphone and prevents wind noise and popping noises getting through to the microphone.

Shock Mount – A shock mount it used to minimize noise from vibrations getting into the microphone. A shock mount fits around the microphone and allows the microphone to move slightly absorbing the vibrations.

Different types of Stands: – Desk stand, boom stand, scissor arm stand.
Microphone Technique
Microphone technique is very important to achieve a more equal sound in your recording. Here are a few microphone technique tips:
1. You want to stay an equal distance away from the microphone so that you don’t get sudden drops or increases in volume. There is a tool that you can use to adjust your sound so if there is an increase or decrease in volume it will adjust it to give you a more even sound. It’s called a compressor.
2. Make sure that you are talking into the microphone in the right direction.
3. If you are not using a pop filter, try to stay off-axis or to speak over the microphone so that you are not breathing directly into the microphone.
Setting the Microphone Levels
Make sure that you do not set your recording levels too high as it may distort or clip. You also don’t want to set your levels too low or you will pick up excess noise in your recording when you amplify the audio. What I do to set my recording level is I talk as loud as I may talk during a show and if it doesn’t clip then I’m set.
Getting your Podcast on the Web
Website: Your website will act as a main hub for podcasts or podcast network as it will be where your podcasts will be available. You will also make your RSS feeds which are very important for submitting your podcast on directories such as iTunes. I recommend that you use website software called WordPress for creating your website. If you want to install wordpress on your website follow these instructions. With wordpress you can install plugins to do certain things you may want to do with your website very easily. Pretty link is a plugin that allows you to create shortcuts to webpages. The podpress and powerpress plugins are plugins especially for podcasting. I have created two tutorials that you can watch on youtube using these links:

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