Talks About Tech Weekly 078: Glitched Out


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On this episode I talk about the Apple Event and Surface 2 rumours.

Apple Event
The event started with the usual facts and figures of sales, downloads etc and then Apple made their first announcement. All of the iWork and iLife apps will be free to anyone who buys a new iOS device. Also iOS 7 will be available to everyone on the 18th September.

Next came the iPhone 5C which was definitely the main event. The rumours got it exactly right. A choice of many colours and a plastic back with the exact same specs as an iPhone 5. Apple are also going to make cases for the 5C. The cases have small holes in the back so that you can mix the colour of your phone with the colour of the case.

The iPhone 5S, as expected, is now available in three colours. Space grey (formerly black), Silver and Gold. The 5S also has a new A7 processor in it and also a discrete chip called the M7 that handles all of the motion sensors like the accelerometer similar to voice recognition on the Moto X. This will allow people to use their phone as a pedometer while it’s locked all day and it won’t use much of the battery.

What is in many ways the biggest feature of the 5S is the fingerprint scanner. Underneath the home button is a capacitive fingerprint scanner but not only can you unlock your phone with it, you can also log into your Apple ID with it. So you can buy apps from the app store with your fingerprint. You can also add up to 5 users so if you want other people to access your phone too you can do so. Apple says that the fingerprint information is all stored locally on the phone and not stored on Apples servers.

The camera is improved too. Although it is still 8 megapixels the sensor is bigger which means that it lets in more light for better low light performance. There is also a dual LED flash. One LED is a cool white and the other is a warmer yellow for accurate skin colours. You can now also record up to 120 frames per second in 720p for slow motion.

The iPhone 5C will cost £469 for 16GB and £549 for 32GB version only £100 less than the iPhone 5S which will be priced at £549 for 16GB, £629 for 32GB and £709 for 64GB. The 5C will be available for pre-order but the phone must be collected from your local retailer . The 5S will not be available for pre-order so you’ll just have to queue.

I was surprised at first that there was no release for Mac OS X Mavericks but as the event went on it was obvious that this was an iPhone only event and that it was very much aimed towards the Chinese market.

Microsoft Surface 2 Rumours
Microsoft are holding an event on Monday 23rd September which will probably be about the Surface. The original surface RT did not sell to well mostly because there was confusion about whether it was running Windows 8 or not. It looked like Windows 8, it worked like Windows 8 but you could not run any Windows 8 programs on it. Now the rumours are saying that Microsoft will be coming out with the Surface 2 RT that will look the same as the original but will have some new features as well as run Windows 8.1 RT. They might even come out with a 7 inch version.

The original Surface Pro on the other hand sold quite well. The Surface Pro is the same as the RT but it has a proper Intel processor and runs Windows 8 which means that you can run any Windows programs on it. It is quite a lot more expensive than the RT though. Rumours say that there will be a new dock that will allow you to add more devices so that it can act more like a PC. There will probably also be a cover for it that will add battery life. LTE, NFC and wireless charging could also be added.

Genes Might Have Something to do With Whether You’re Right or Left Handed
LOS Genetics published that genes may play a role in the brain hence being able to effect your strong hand. However, it is still not understood why such a minority of people are left handed. Somewhere between 5% and 20% of the worlds population are left handed.

Genes are not all that dictates the dominant hand. Twins often have different dominant hands. It is said that culture can also effect peoples dominant hand. In a test a number of genes were found in left handed people. There were genes that played a role in how the organs were positioned in the body. They were the other way around. It is believed that this also has to do with brain wiring. I was very interested in this myself because I’m left handed.

Tech I’ve Been Using This Week
I was reading articles on the Verge and I came across this really cool tool called image glitch experiment. It is a web page that allows you to take any image and make it look distorted and glitched (if that is a word). You can select the glitch amount, the seed, iterations and jpg quality. You can try it out at Here is an example of a glitched image:

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