Talks About Tech Weekly 081: The Miracle Material



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On this weeks episode we talk about Eircom eVision, Graphene and much more.

Eircom eVision
This week Eircom introduced a new product called eVision. It is a direct competitor to solutions from Sky and UPC now. eVision works with eFibre (you must have eFibre to avail of eVision). You get a set top box similar to the packages from Sky and UPC currently and it allows you to pause and rewind live TV, access a 7 day programme guide, record up to 240 hours of TV shows and record two programmes simultaneously. Multi-room options are available from €5 per room per month and 5 HD channels are available for €5 extra per month.

The pricing structure for this service is very competitive. The essentials pack includes 30 channels and costs just €10 per month and you also get 6 months free. The experience pack costs €6 extra per month and you get 20 extra channels. Sky Sports 1 + 2 are €29 per month extra and Sky Movies are €24 extra per month.

eVision is definitely a threat for UPC and Sky and at a very competitive price. The only problem now is its lack of availability.

Nexus 5 News
On last weeks show I talked about the Nexus 5 possibly coming out some time this month. Earlier this week the Nexus 5 was seen on the Google Play Store. It was the 16GB version and it was available for $349 but since this was obviously a mistake we can’t take that to be the final price. Now the rumoured release date is the 30th October but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait until next month to see the Nexus 5.

Graphene – The Miracle Material
Graphene is essentially a one atom thick layer of graphite like what pencil lead is made of. Graphene has been found to have incredible properties. It is:

  • harder than diamond
  • 200 times stronger than steel
  • has super electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Super light
  • Flexible
  • Almost totally transparent
  • Only lets water through

There are so many different uses for Graphene. It could be used as a really cheap water filter or to make flexible phones. The possibilities are endless.

Apple Recalls MacBook Air’s
If you have a 64GB or 128GB Macbook Air bought between June 2012 and June 2013 you may have a faulty SSD. Apple have sent out a patch to determine whether your macbook is affected and if that is the case you will then be instructed to return your computer.

Tech We’ve Been Using This Week
Michael’s Tech He’s Been Using This Week
This week I have been using Solid Works. I am currently learning Solid Works in school and the power of the program. I have also gotten an education license of Solid Works because I’m learning it in school. It is an amazing 3D drawing tool that allows not only to draw objects but to test how they might work in real life. I recommend that you check out Solid Works at

Kevin’s Tech He’s Been Using This Week
This week Kevin has been using Edmodo. Edmodo is a great resource for students and teachers that allows both to interact after school hours and share resources that may help other in the class to complete assignments and homework. I recommend you check out the website at

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