Talks About Tech Weekly 085: Predictions for 2014



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On this episode we talk about our predictions for 2014, snapchat hacked and more.

Predictions for 2014
In 2013 graphene has made some major advancements but there are still some issues that need to resolved before it is used practically. I think that many of those problems will be resolved and we will be one step closer to using graphene on a day to day basis.

Wearable Computing
2013 saw some interesting and wacky wearable computing ideas from tech companies like Google glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. 2013 was just the experimentation year though because next year Google glass is going on sale and Apple may very well be entering the market and that might change everything.

4K Ultra HD
CES is just around the corner and I’m sure there will be a huge presence of 4k TV’s, monitors and other devices. The price of 4k TV’s are coming down drastically but now we need to focus on content delivery. YouTube has been a pioneer in 4k content distribution and they are now working on the VP9 video codec which beats H.264 and H.265. The codec is open source and unlike VP8 has been adopted by many companies. All we need now is for Apple to adopt the codec.

Cheap 3D Printers
If you go on kickstarter now you will probably find a page full of 3D printers for $500 and lower. I think that 2014 may very well see 3D printers become a household device. The possibilities for 3D printers are endless and if a large printer manufacturer like HP comes on board we may see the 3D printing market grow rapidly.

Snapchat Hacked
Snapchat has become a very popular internet messaging application. Over 200,000 people in Ireland use the service. I think that they find sending a message to someone and limiting them to seeing it for 30 seconds is really cool.

Earlier on this year an Australian security company called Gibson Security reported an exploit in snapchat that allowed them to get access to user details. During the Christmas a group of hackers hacked into snapchat and stole over 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers. They then set up the website and made the database publicly available.

They said that they used a modified version of Gibson Security’s exploit and that the reason was to make the point that security is important. Snapchat have said that they are now working to fix the problem.

4G Updates for 2014
This year 4G LTE will be rolled out all around the country and Vodafone and Meteor have already started the process.

Vodafone have launched LTE in Galway city, Dublin city, Limerick city, nearly all of Cork, Wexford, Waterford and Kerry and they are hoping to roll it out to other parts of the country during the year.

Meteor have launched LTE in nearly all of Galway, Athlone, Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow, Waterford, Cork city and Limerick.

One of the biggest drawbacks that we have with 4G here at the moment is that you must sign up to of the carriers 4G plans. Vodafone has plans for €55 and €75 that offer 2GB and 6GB of 4G data and there SIM only plans too but there are no prepay plans or mobile broadband plans available.

The situation with Meteor is similar. There are €30, €49 and €69 plans offering 1GB, 3GB and 6GB of data but you have to go on 24 month contracts and there are no prepay or mobile broadband plans.

O2 and Three will be merging in March and they are going to rolling out 4G so things will probably start changing then but until March 4G is still very limited. I’d say by the end of the year the majority of people should have access to 4G though.

Kevin’s Tech He’s Been Using This Week
This week Kevin gives his review of the Moto G that he bought over the holidays. He picked up the 16GB model for €200 and he’s been really enjoying it so far.

Michael’s Tech He’s Been Using This Week
This week I was messing around with the Spotify iPhone app. I know it’s not new but Spotify just recently made the app available to free subscribers. The app has very limited functionality available to free customers though which basically makes it unusable.

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