Talks About Tech Weekly 110: The Right To NOT Be Forgotten


Samsung’s Profits Down
It’s that time of year when companies report their Q3 earnings and it’s not looking like a good one for Samsung. Profits fell 25% compared to this time last year down to $7.03 billion. Samsung are one of the largest mobile devices manufacturers in the world so why did this happen?

Firstly, there has been a decline in tablet sales recently and every tablet manufacturer has taken a hit as a result but that is only partly to blame. Samsung’s global smartphone market share has dropped from 32.3% to 25.2% in the last quarter. So why the huge sudden drop? Many analysts are leaving this up to poor quality, plastic devices in an economy where design is important to set apart from the rest of crowd. Phones such as the Nexus 5, One Plus One and handsets from Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei are simply providing better quality at a lower price point.

What does Samsung need to do? Analysts are saying a huge revamp in the look and feel of their devices rather than greater specs. People want a better overall experience rather than a better processor to boast about. Possibly a metal design with a premium touch and feel. That’s isn’t something that Samsung does well though. Samsung started out by making copies of Nokia feature phones at a really cheap price. Nothing about their phones was original and that tradition remains to this day. Maybe Samsung need to simply think outside the box (in a good way) and be a little bit innovative.

Beats Now Available From The Apple Store
This week Beats by Dr. Dre launched a new site and a new store. Now if you want to buy Beats on the website it redirects you to this Apple Store. This is after the official confirmation of Beats joining Apple. Apple posted this on their website this week to welcome Beats:

Apple Welcome Beats

Right to be Forgotten Update
In a recent letter that Google made public, Google outlined a lot of interesting and important information about the right to be forgotten in Europe.

There have been over 91,000 submissions to date asking for over 328,000 links to be removed. Just over half of the requested links have been removed. Here is a breakdown of the requests:

  • Around 17,500 requests have been made under French law, involving around 58,000 URLs.
  • Around 16,500 requests have been made under German law, involving around 57,000 URLs.
  • Around 12,000 requests have been made under UK law, involving around 44,000 URLs.
  • Around 8,000 requests have been made under Spanish law, involving around 27,000 URLs.
  • Around 7,500 requests have been made under Italian law, involving around 28,000 URLs.
  • Around 5,500 requests have been made under Dutch law, involving around 21,000 URLs.

These stats were posted in a public Google Doc that Google themselves published for transparency. This is part of recent talks with the EU commission about the Right to be Forgotten Law. It looks like there will be a few more revisions to this law made in the near future.

Kevin Bought a Canon T3i/600D
This week Kevin received a brand new camera, a Canon T3i/600D. He’s going to be using this camera mostly for videography and cinematography for upcoming video projects. Cinematographers love DSLRs because of their 30mm film like appearance. This is because of their large sensors which give great depth of field.

The 600D was a perfect choice for Kevin because it was a great combination of price to performance. We will be doing a video review on the Talks About Tech YouTube channel in the near future.

I am currently working on a DIY LED lighting panel. For a new video project that I’m working on I’m going to need some very bright lighting so I went online and bought a 10M LED strip on Amazon for under £30. Then I went to my local Woodies and bought a metal picture frame. The idea is that I cut the strips to length and stick them to the back of the picture frame. I’m currently in the process of making the light and I’ll let you know how I got on when the project is finished.

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